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Many companies fail because they fail to understand their true financial position, how to interpret their financial statements and therefore, how to make important decisions regarding their business. Zeno & Associates, Inc. will assist you in decoding these figures, provide sound financial advice, point you in the right direction and help heal your finances to help you grow your business!

Our bookkeepers are trained to understand various state laws across the U.S. and other countries. We are constantly attending training sessions to hone our skills in order to better server our vast array of clients. We understand each clients unique needs and customize each clients’ books to reflect the client needs so they can better understand their financial situation.

At Zeno & Associates, Inc., our tax professionals are trained to minimize your tax liability and maximize your net worth at the same time by providing you with professional bookkeeping, financial consulting and tax preparation services with dedication, expertise and by using the resources of our professional network to meet your needs.

  • What we do…

    We provide financial planning and bookkeeping services that include setting up and maintaining accounts payables and/or receivables, bank reconciliations, quarterly tax returns and other services that help you answer all your financial questions.
  • Why use us…

    While it may be initially thought to be less expensive to hire an employee (or complete the task yourself), many business owners do not understand the various reports that the IRS requires. It is often a tedious process that you may not have the expertise to complete.
  • Things to consider…

    You should consider what specific services you think you will need such as tax preparation, financial reports, balance sheets, invoicing, payroll services, etc. You should also consider costs. Zeno & Associates, Inc. offers a variety of services for a flat fee.
  • Contact Us…

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