Our Staff


Our staff is dedicated to each of our clients, from the receptionist to the client consultation, we want each of our clients to have a productive and professional experience.

OWNER/FOUNDER – The owner and founder of Zeno & Associates, Inc. has been providing accounting and bookkeeping services for clients for over 30 years. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and as well as a degree in Real Estate.

RECEPTIONIST – The front desk receptionist brings several years of experience managing front office duties. She is bi-lingual in English and Spanish and works daily to ensure all files are kept accurate and up-do-date.

BOOKKEEPERS – Our bookkeepers help manage the daily transactions for our clients. They keep in close contact with each client to ensure the entries are accurate and complete. They are well versed in how each business is setup and provide valuable insight to managing each individual client.

STAFF ASSOCIATES – Our staff associates assemble each transaction into manageable sections. They make sense of the pieces to the puzzle so our bookkeepers and CPA’s are able to interpret the data. They provide an invaluable service to our organization and transition our workload into comprehensible data.

CPA’S – Our in-house Certified Public Accountants make sure our bookkeeping practices are in compliance with governing laws. Each clients books are reviewed and provided feedback for accurate communication.

ATTORNEY – Our attorney is on staff to provide consulting services in the event of IRS review, audit or other legal purpose. Our attorney has over 35 years of corporate experience and tax law.

  • What we do…

    We provide financial planning and bookkeeping services that include setting up and maintaining accounts payables and/or receivables, bank reconciliations, quarterly tax returns and other services that help you answer all your financial questions.
  • Why use us…

    While it may be initially thought to be less expensive to hire an employee (or complete the task yourself), many business owners do not understand the various reports that the IRS requires. It is often a tedious process that you may not have the expertise to complete.
  • Things to consider…

    You should consider what specific services you think you will need such as tax preparation, financial reports, balance sheets, invoicing, payroll services, etc. You should also consider costs. Zeno & Associates, Inc. offers a variety of services for a flat fee.
  • Contact Us…

    1075 W. Griffin St.
    Suite 104
    Dallas, TX 75215

    (P) 214-428-2726
    (F) 214-428-7747