IRS Representation


An IRS tax notice or revenue officer arriving at the door to your home or business can be the beginning of serious difficulties. The IRS has the ability to seize assets including wages, freeze bank accounts, and contact third persons in an attempt to collect taxes from you.

Given the power of the IRS, the intimidation that many people and business owners feel when the words ‘Internal Revenue Service’ are even spoken is understandable. Attempting to deal with this powerful agency on your own, however, is not.

Zeno & Associates, Inc. represents individuals, small business owners, and large companies in IRS tax disputes involving matters such as back taxes, collection actions, audits, payroll taxes, tax court litigation, tax appeals, and more. We have extensive experience handling these and other matters and through this experience, has established an understanding of the Internal Revenue Service that enables Mr. Zeno, our primary representative to more effectively and successfully represent our clients.

  • What we do…

    We provide financial planning and bookkeeping services that include setting up and maintaining accounts payables and/or receivables, bank reconciliations, quarterly tax returns and other services that help you answer all your financial questions.
  • Why use us…

    While it may be initially thought to be less expensive to hire an employee (or complete the task yourself), many business owners do not understand the various reports that the IRS requires. It is often a tedious process that you may not have the expertise to complete.
  • Things to consider…

    You should consider what specific services you think you will need such as tax preparation, financial reports, balance sheets, invoicing, payroll services, etc. You should also consider costs. Zeno & Associates, Inc. offers a variety of services for a flat fee.
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